Why the Suzuki method is best for violin lessons

Susan SponheimSuzuki, Violin Lessons

Just after World War II, a young Japanese violinist named Shinichi Suzuki began to teach young children how to play the violin. His efforts were successful, and over time evolved into what is known today as the Suzuki method of violin teaching. In the Suzuki method, three people work together–the teacher, the child, and the parent. The parent first learns … Read More

A Note About Talent


Some people feel that they have no musical talent. But if they can commit time to practice and listen, they can develop musical ability. As with language learning, children have the advantage of being flexible and open to new skills. But adults can also learn to play the violin, and it makes a fine hobby!

Learning Music


If you take an individual to a concert, that person has live music for an evening; but if you teach an individual to play an instrument, that person can create his/her own live music for a lifetime.